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Important Water Bill Information

Below is important information on how to read your water bill as well as other relevant information related to the water billing process. If there are any questions about your water bill, please call the City’s Billing Department at 860-826-3317.

How to Read Your Water Bill 


When Do I Get A Water Bill?

The City of New Britain now mails out water bills on a quarterly basis, meaning residents will receive a water bill in their mailbox every three months. If you have not received a water bill, please contact the City’s Billing Department at 860-826-3317. You can also view and pay your utility bill online here.

How Do I Pay My Water Bill?

There are multiple ways a resident can pay their water utility bill.

1.       Online: Bill pay is available through the City’s website here.

2.       In Person: Residents can pay their water bill in person by visiting the Tax & Revenue Office in Room 104 of City Hall. City Hall is located at 27 West Main Street in New Britain.

3.       Dropbox: Residents can put their check made out to the New Britain Water Department in an envelope with their bill and put it in the drop box located outside of City Hall, which is at 27 West Main Street in New Britain.

4.       Mail: Water utility bill payments can be mailed to New Britain Water Department PO Box 2080 Hartford, CT 06145.

How To Read A Water Meter 

This video explains how to read the two types of water meters that are most commonly found in homes in New Britain. If your water meter does not look like the ones shown, or you have any other questions about your water meter or usage, all residents are welcome to contact the New Britain Water Department at 860-826-3536.

What Is The Clean Water Fund?

This is a federal government mandate from the EPA that the City is obligated to fulfill, so our professional teams came up with an equitable solution that protects the taxpayer by sharing costs with entities like churches or nonprofits that are not currently taxable. This money will be invested into reducing pollution, soil erosion, and minimizing flooding in vulnerable neighborhoods.

The amount residents are charged is based on the square footage of their home

  •  · $6.25 per 1,000 square feet of house perimeter area

The amount businesses, non-profits, or churches are charged is based on the square footage of impervious surface area.

  •    $6.25 per 1000 SF of impervious surface area

Who Do I Call With Questions?

Residents who have questions about their water bill are welcome to call the City’s Billing Department at 860-826-3317.

Can I Dispute My Bill?

Residents are entitled to dispute their bill by appealing it to the Board of Water Commissioners, which meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at 50 Caretaker Road.