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Trash and Recycling Containers

Trash and Recycling Container Information, Repairs and Replacement

  1. Residents must use City standard maroon colored trash containers and blue recycling containers for participation in curbside trash and recycling collection services. 
  2. Residential properties are allowed up to one (1) trash and one (1) recycling container per unit for up to six family dwellings.
  3. By ordinance trash and recycling containers shall not be placed at the curb earlier than noon on the day prior to a property’s collection day, and shall be brought in from the curb no longer than 24-hours after their collection. (11-6 City Ordinances)
  4. Rubbish and recycling containers must be placed at the curb line of the property the trash or recycling is coming from. Rubbish and recycling containers shall not be placed along the frontage of neighboring or unoccupied properties.
  5. Maintain a minimum of three (3’) between each trash and recycling container placed at the curb so the automated arm on the truck is able to pick-up the containers. 
  6. During winter months residents may need to clear snow at the curb line to make space for their trash and recycling containers so they are not placed in the roadway where they will impede snow clearing operations and general travel.
  7. Broken lids and/or wheels will be repaired at no cost one time. There will be a $30 charge for each additional repair request. If it is not possible to make the repair, full replacement is required and property owners assume the cost. 
  8. The price for a replacement cart is $75 regardless of the reason, including new property owners. Checks or money orders should be made payable to “City of New Britain”. The carts will be delivered within three (3) working days of receipt of payment. Click here to access the form used for ordering replacement containers.
  9. Contact Public Works main office at (860) 826-3350 to schedule a trash or recycling container repair or need a replacement.
  10. An eligible property can rent additional refuse containers for $60/year plus tax.  If you would like to rent an additional container call (860) 826-3493.