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Simple Recycling

“Let Your Clothing Be Loved Again!” – Simple Recycling

The City of New Britain has partnered with Simple Recycling who has implemented curbside clothing recycling programs around the country.  Surprisingly 85% of clothing doesn’t get recycled or donated; it gets thrown away in the trash, and the average person throws away 68 lbs of clothing per year.  By implementing such a “simple” and convenient curbside recycling program for clothing the City is hoping to change this and get clothing and other similar materials out of our waste stream thus saving money and helping the environment.

The Simple Recycling Program involves residents receiving an initial “pink” bag and information about the program in the mail when the program began in October of 2017. The “pink” bags are used to put your unwanted clothing, blankets, towels, and other textile materials in, and when you are ready visit the website and schedule your appointment. Simple Recycling will come collect it, and leave you another pink bag for future use. 

What’s even better is Simple Recycling’s program was implemented at no cost to the City or its residents, and the City receives about 25 cents per full bag collected. Simple Recycling even based their Central CT operations out of New Britain bringing a new business and jobs into the City. Other communities like West Hartford, Bristol and several more will be serviced from the New Britain HUB.

If you do need additional bags though you can either email Simple Recycling at or call them at 866.835.5068.

To learn more go to the Simple Recycling website at: