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Holiday Week Collection Schedule

Six weeks during the year Curbside Refuse and Recycling Collection Days could be impacted by the following holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day (January)
  2. Memorial Day (May)
  3. Independence Day (4th of July)
  4. Labor Day (September)
  5. Thanksgiving Day (November)
  6. Christmas (December)  

During these weeks collection is suspended on the holiday itself, and delayed one day for the rest of the week.  For example if one of these holidays occurred on a Wednesday the Monday and Tuesday collections would occur on their normal trash day, but the Wednesday collection would occur on Thursday, the Thursday collection would occur on Friday, and the Friday collection would occur on Saturday.

Please note that the City’s Trash Contractor (currently CWPM) will sometimes go ahead of schedule on holiday weeks and collect trash on the “normal collection day” because so many people ignore the one day delay.  If you see this happen don’t worry, the trash contractor will still come back the following day and go through the entire route.