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Scheduled Curbside Burnable Collection

On-Call Burnable Curbside Collections

On-Call Burnable Curbside Collections are scheduled through the City’s Rubbish and Recycling Contractor CWPM. 

The list below shows the number of Burnable Curbside Collections allowed per type of residential property per Fiscal Year (July 1st – June 30th) and other applicable information: 

  1. Single Family Home - 3 collections of up to 5 items.  For single family homes the property owner must call for an appointment and place up to “eligible” five (5) items at the curb.
  2. Multi-Family Properties (up to 6 Family) - 2 collections per dwelling unit with a maximum of 8 collections.  For example:
    1. Two Family Property - 4 collections per year with a maximum 10 items per collection.
    2. Three Family Property - 6 collections per year with a maximum 15 items per collection.
    3. Four, Five and Six Family Properties - 8 collections per year with a maximum of 5 items per unit per collection.

For multi-family properties the property owner or tenants must coordinate with other units to ensure that no more than five (5) items per unit, from the list below, are placed on the curb.

  1. Additional On-Call Burnable Curbside Collections beyond these listed are available for a fee of $20. 00 for the first item and $10.00 for each additional item,  and can be scheduled with Public Works at (860) 826-3350.
  2. Eligible Items and materials for collection through the On-call Burnable Curbside Collections include:
  • Rugs & Carpeting
  • Couches, Chairs, Recliners
  • Plastic Furniture
  • Toys
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Wood, no longer the 4' long, tied, bundled, taped
  • Loose Wood *, Yard Clippings *, Fencing*

* Special instructions may apply.

Contact Public Works at (860) 826-3350 for additional information.

On-Call Burnable Curbside Collections can be scheduled by calling



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