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Fall Curbside Collection

Leaf Bag Collection Program

Each  fall and spring NBPW performs city-wide curbside leaf bag collection services .  Considering there are approximately 190 miles of city and state roads in New Britain that leaf bags are collected from and each road is serviced a minimum of 3 times (during the fall program, weather permitting).   Through this program  NBPW typically handles over 1,100 tons of leaves per year this is a monumental task.

This webpage provides information about this program, as well as provides daily updates about the status of the program during the fall and spring collection periods. This information is intended to help residents understand where we are collecting leaf bags on any given day so they can best plan when they will need to get their leaf bags to the curb.

NBPW's  leaf bag collection is based on Leaf Bag Collection Routes. Click HERE for a link to the map showing the area covered by each of our Leaf Bag Collection Routes. See below for the list of streets included or click HERE for a printable PDF.

Paper Leaf bags are available for purchase at most hardware and home improvement stores. Our fall leaf bag collection includes a minimum of 2 passes, weather permitting,  in each of the Leaf Bag Collection Route.

We encourage residents to bag their leaves and put them  to the  curb as early as possible during collection to avoid weather related situations,  for example snow, that can make collection difficult to near impossible.     

PLEASE do not put anything but leaves in the bags. We will not pick up bags that contain  grass, twigs, acorns, branches, plants, etc.
Last day to have bags at the curb will be Sunday December 3rd.

2023 Fall leaf collection begins November 6th.  

NBPW's  leaf bag collection is based on Leaf Bag Collection Routes.

Street Map

Street Listing