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It’s done!  In May of 2022 the City completed the  Complete Streets Roadmap which lays out our plan to bring Complete Streets city-wide.  By this will help us reinvigorate our neighborhoods as well create safer, more attractive, and more accessible streets. We’ll also create new vibrant public spaces that will add interest and character to the City as well as helping improve the quality of life throughout New Britain.

Focus areas of the Complete Streets Roadmap  include:

  1. Reinvigorating and enhancing neighborhoods
  2. Improving gateways into and around the City
  3. Using Complete Streets as a tool for further economic development
  4. Supporting and enhancing health and safety
  5. Improving bicycle and pedestrian connectivity
  6. Tackling the challenging issue of addressing Complete Streets needs on State of Connecticut owned roads within the City
  7. Adding character and interest around the City through place making efforts such as by creating pocket parks and adding more public art
  8. Formally incorporating Complete Streets into the annual Sidewalk and Paving Programs
  9. Establish SMART design criteria for the City’s various types of roads
  10. Identifying next steps Complete Streets capital projects

What’s great is that the City has already secured funding for several of the projects identified in the Roadmap and is in the process of implementing several of them.  Over the next several years the City will continue to seek out even more funding, and it strives to address all of the critical projects identified in this plan. 

You can access the Complete Streets Roadmap by clicking on any of the smart links for this document included on this webpage. 

If you have any comments about the Roadmap or have suggestions for areas where you think improvements are need in the City please report them by using our Complete Streets Roadmap Public Comment Tool.