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New Britain's Complete Streets

Complete Streets

“Our streets are the fabric of our community. They help define our neighborhoods and impact our quality of life. They can encourage or discourage walking, bicycling, taking the bus, and whether or how people access local businesses. A tree-lined street with lighting, multiple safe crosswalks and slower moving cars are much more appealing to people than a boulevard with speeding cars and no such amenities. Complete Streets balance the needs of all users from cars to bicycles to pedestrians by providing a safe and connected transportation system, while creating beautiful streetscapes and gathering places.” – Mayor Erin Stewart

In 2012 the City made a decision to invest in Complete Streets, and worked with the community to develop our Complete Streets Master Plan for Downtown New Britain.  Since then the City has secured over $32 Mil. in Complete Streets related grant funds and has invested over $40 million in our transportation system.  This has led to more than $110 million in private investment in the downtown area with tens of millions more in the pipeline.

Along with New Britain has become the state leader in “SMART” transportation, our streets are safer, more connected, and more attractive, and we have sent a clear message to developers and entrepreneurs that New Britain is open for business.


Now it’s time to apply our experience and address the needs for safety, connectivity, and aesthetics throughout the rest of the City with our Complete Streets Roadmap.  This plan lays out our next steps for Complete Streets as it’s implemented will help us reinvigorate our neighborhoods by creating a safer, more attractive, and more accessible streets along with  bringing more public art, green space, gathering places, along with more economic activity throughout the community.


This website provides updates to our Complete Streets efforts along with links to maps, planning documents, project updates, and other related work.  We encourage you to visit this page regularly to monitor our progress and to help us identify areas we can make our streets more complete.