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Community Development

The Department of Planning & Development's (DPD) Community Development team provides the staff functions for the Commission on Community and Neighborhood Development, Chaired by Commissioner Alphonse Wright.

DPD's Community Development staff are entirely funded by the Federal and State grants which they administer in an effort to remediate contaminated brownfields, improve public facilities, eliminate lead poisoning, combat blight, promote community health, expand public service capacity, and provide attractive financing to qualified home and business owners in the City of New Britain.

The DPD offers a number of programs aimed at beautifying our city neighborhoods, strengthening our economic vitality, and ensuring the City of New Britain remains a vibrant place to live, work and play.

HUD Planning Documents 

2020-2024 New Britain Consolidated Plan

Home - ARP Plan

2023 Annual Plan

2022 Annual plan

2021-2022 Caper



Scott Williams, Grants Administrator
(860) 826-3329

Michelle Pavano, Grants Coordinator
(860) 826-3337

Margaret Malinowski, NPP Administrator
(860) 826-3341

Anthony Bianca, Project Coordinator
(860) 826-3334

Debbie Anderson, Financial Specialist
(860) 826-3459