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Parking Ticket Office


  • Jonathan M. Perugini, Finance Director
  • Kathy Webber, Revenue Collection Aid

Members of the Parking Ticket Board of Appeals:

  • Craig Schmitt
  • Daniel DePinto

The Parking Ticket Office is responsible for coordinating the receipt of monies from parking fines issued by the Police Department, and City of New Britain Parking Monitors, non-payment notices and maintenance of unpaid violations. The City of New Britain issues approximately twenty one thousand parking tickets. The Parking Ticket Office is responsible for giving proper receipt to all persons paying parking fines and adjusting and updating the City's records to show the payment of such fines.


The Parking Ticket Office produces information concerning outstanding fines in an effort to effect a more efficient system of billing and collection through a contractual arrangement with a vendor who provides the data processing services for notifications to the Parking Ticket Appeal Board.

Contact Us

27 West Main Street, Room 207
New Britain, CT 06051
Tel: (860) 826-3414
Fax: (860) 826-0021

Fee Schedule

Overtime Parking 30.00* Improper Parking - Hazard 60.00*
Opposite Direction of Traffic 30.00* Too Near Stop Sign 60.00*
More than 12" from curb 30.00* Other 60.00*
Meter 30.00* Parking on Lawn 99.00*
Other 30.00* Snow Emergency 99.00
Double Parking 90.00* Private Property Trespassing 90.00*
Obstructing Driveway 60.00* Handicapped 99.00*
Bus Stop 90.00*
Blocking Crosswalk 60.00* *Fine Triples 7 days after issue date
Fire Lane 90.00*
Too Near Hydrant 90.00* Reclaiming charges for towed vehicles:
Restricted Area 60.00* Booting 35.00
Loading Zone 60.00*
Too Near Corner/Intersection 60.00*