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Opioid Epidemic Information

A Message from Mayor Stewart

The opioid and heroin crisis is one of the most pressing health epidemics of our time. We know that individuals struggling with addiction to opioids and heroin is on the rise. It’s time to take matters into our own hands and do what we can to help locally. In November 2018, the City of New Britain partnered with the New Britain State’s Attorney’s office, New Britain EMS, the New Britain Fire Department, the New Britain Police Department, the Hospital of Central Connecticut, and local service providers to offer an alternative pathway to recovery. We’ve given police officers discretion when making an arrest and instead have made it easier for individuals to get connected to the services they need. In a short amount of time, we have helped countless individuals get back on their feet. We call it the H.O.P.E. initiative: Heroin, Opioid, Prevention, and Education.

To delve even deeper, we launched the New Britain Opioid Task Force in January 2019 to analyze data and trends, offer Naloxone training workshops, create a public education campaign, and more. We have set a goal of reducing opioid-related deaths by 50 percent over the next three years.

We hope that this website and the resources here are helpful.

Remember that you or your loved ones are not alone. If you need assistance getting connecting to services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Community Services Division at 860-826-3366 or visit them in room 301 of City Hall. You can also stop by our Police Department at 10 Chestnut Street, call the non-emergency line at 860-826-3000, or stop any police officer without fear of arrest.

Together, we can create a healthier community.


Mayor Erin Stewart

Opioid Epidemic Information

Communities across the nation are in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic. More than 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.  Connecticut is among the top ten states for opioid overdose death rates.

The States office of the chief medical examiner has reported 1,017 Connecticut residents died from an overdose in 2018. Every city and town in our State has been affected.  In the first six months of 2018 twenty nine (29) unintentional drug overdose deaths occurred here in our New Britain. Ninety two (92) percent of those deaths involved the use of opioids.  These victims are our parents, brothers, sisters, children and neighbors.

In an effort to combat this growing public health crisis, Mayor Stewart has created the City of New Britain Opioid Response Task Force.  This partnership is a multi-sector group of municipal agencies, community organizations, service providers and individuals that meet regularly to coordinate efforts and interventions in response to the opioid epidemic.

For more information on the task for Mallory.

Treatment and Recovery Support Services

To find a drug treatment center here in Connecticut visit;



Change the Script is a statewide public awareness campaign to help communities deal with the prescription drug and opioids misuse crisis. It connects town leaders, healthcare professionals, treatment professionals and everyday people with the resources they need to face prescription opioid misuse - and write a new story about what we can accomplish when we all work toward a shared goal.

Below are ready-to-use materials for distribution at the state level arranged across the three main continuum areas. Hard copy versions can be obtained by contacting the Connecticut Clearinghouse at or 1-800-232-4424.


These materials are intended to raise awareness of the risks of addiction to prescription opioids. Materials include:



- General Brochure - Elderly Female Cover (PDF) - Spanish

- General Brochure - Female Cover (PDF) - Spanish

- General Brochure - Male Cover (PDF) - Spanish


- General Flyer - Naloxone (PDF) - Spanish

- General Flyer - No Photo (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Flyer - Disposal (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Flyer - Female (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Flyer - Male (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Flyer - Male (PDF) - Spanish


- General Notepad (PDF) - Spanish


- Prevention Poster - Elderly Female (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Poster - Female (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Poster - Male (PDF) - Spanish

- Prevention Poster - Male (PDF) - Spanish



- General Brochure - Elderly Female Cover (PDF)

- General Brochure - Female Cover (PDF)

- General Brochure - Male Cover (PDF)


- General Flyer - Naloxone (PDF)

- General Flyer - No Photo (PDF)


- General Notepad (PDF)

Treatment: These materials above highlight the proven ways of treating prescription opioid problems. Materials include:

Recovery: These materials highlight resources in the community to help people establish and sustain lifelong recovery. They include: