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Environmental and Housing

Environmental and Housing Division

The Environmental Division of the Health Department is located in City Hall at 27 West Main St. They are located on the 4th floor in room 406. It is our hope that this will give the public easier accessibility to both the building and health inspectors located in City Hall.  The Housing Division is located in room 404 with the building department.  Blight, Environmental Health and Housing complaints can also be reported in room 404.

The Environmental Division of the Health Department provides a number of services for the community. The Sanitarians or more commonly referred to as "health inspectors" conduct health inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, convalescent homes, school cafeterias, day care centers, swimming pools, and temporary food events. mobile vendors, summer food program sites and investigates food related illnesses. 

The Environmental Division responds to various types of health related complaints such as: accumulation of garbage and trash, living conditions, lead, asbestos and other miscellaneous complaints.  In addition, the department also monitors for West Nile Virus and Ticks during the summer season.

Inspectors from the Housing Division respond to a variety of complaints related to single and multi-family dwellings.  These inspectors will investigate a range of conditions including broken windows, structural defects, rodent infestation, illegal occupancy, no heat, and lack of utilities.  Housing Division Inspectors also respond to blighted conditions such as solid waste accumulation, tall grass and similar vegetative overgrowth, illegal automotive repairs and dilapidated vehicles stored on private property.

If you have any question, complaints or need any advice related to the topics above, contact the Environmental Division of the Health Department at (860) 612-1600 between 8:15am and 4:00pm.


Environmental and Housing Staff Office Hours: 8:15 A.M. - 3:45 P.M.
Caleb Cowles MPH RS Supervising Sanitarian 


Michelle Bouffard Clerk, Health and Housing Complaints 860-612-1611
Donna Boga  Clerk, Environmental Health Licensing 860-826-3384
Carly Zadrozny Clerk 860-612-5015
Inspector Office Hours: 8:15 - 9:30 A.M. / 12:30 - 1:30 P.M. / 3:00 - 3:45 P.M.
Brian Falkner RS Sanitarian  860-612-1602
Ed Malik RS Sanitarian  860-612-1601
Trista Robinson RS Sanitarian 860-826-3385
Amitan Rubin Sanitarian 860-612-5014
Leigh Richetelle Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Coordinator  860-826-3425
Tim Digan Housing Inspector 860-826-3389
Manuel Sotomayor Housing Inspector 860-612-5016
James Strickland Housing Inspector 860-826-3388
Jeff Nattrass Housing Inspector 860-612-1614


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27 West Main Street, Room 406
New Britain, CT 06051
T: 860-612-1600
F: 860-612-4212