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Finance Director Jonathan M. Perugini, Clerk of the Board of Finance and Taxation

The Finance Department performs an instrumental function in the preparation of the city's annual budget. On forms specified by the Finance Department, budgetary requests of city agencies and activities are compiled.

The Board holds Budget Hearing Meetings for the Upcoming Fiscal Year all throughout January – March until they recommend a budget to the Mayor. After that the Board only meets quarterly.

The information is reviewed with the express purpose of recommending to the Board of Finance and Taxation the monies felt necessary for the upcoming fiscal year. The Director of Finance shall prescribe the forms and accounting practices to be used by all departments, except the Consolidated School District, of the City of New Britain. The Director of Finance shall require that disbursements and expenditures be so controlled as to ensure that appropriations are not exceeded.

The Finance Department processes all expenditures and a payroll for each fund budgeting, coordinates data processing activities and provides technical assistance to other city departments, agencies and Risk Management.

Listed below are a few of the specific activities that correspond to the appropriate functioning of city finances:

Payroll Administration Pension Benefits
Capital Projects Grant Reporting
Accounts Payable Debt Financing/Official Statement Preparation
Workers' Compensation Reporting                              Budget Management/ Preparation
Administration of Pension Plans Purchasing/Risk Management
Data Processing Financial Reporting/Audit Preparation
Investments/Treasury Management Information Systems
Fixed Asset Management Employee Medical Benefit Administration
Liaison to Board of Finance  


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