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The primary duty of the Assessor's Office is to discover, list and value all real estate, motor vehicles and personal property located within the City of New Britain. The product of that activity is called the 'Grand List'. The Assessment of property to compile the grand list is governed by state law. Property is assessed in each town as of the October 1st assessment date. All property is assessed at 70% of its value. The total of the assessments of all taxable property makes up the Gross Grand List.

The Assessor's Office grants a variety of exemptions as provided by state law and local ordinances. The total, after the exemptions are deducted, makes up the Net Taxable Grand List. It is this figure that is the base for the City's property tax revenue. The Net Taxable Grand List may be changed further by the actions of the Board of Assessment Appeals. When the Board of Assessment Appeals has completed its duties, the remaining list is the final Net Taxable Grand List.

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