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Mayor Stewart to Submit Proposed Budget That Lowers Taxes


Mayor Stewart to Submit Proposed Budget That Lowers Taxes

New Britain, CT – Today Mayor Erin E. Stewart announced the key elements of her proposed budget for FY 2021 that she plans to deliver to the City of New Britain Common Council. Mayor Stewart’s budget will lower the tax rate by 2% on personal property, real estate and motor vehicles.

“Our residents deserve a break, so I am proud to deliver a proposed budget that includes a tax break which will provide residents with financial relief,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “The well-being of those who live in every corner of this City is at the core of every decision I make as Mayor, and this budget is a fiscally responsible one that not only decreases taxes but allows for the positive growth we have seen throughout the City to continue to thrive.”

The 2% reduction in the tax rate on personal property, real estate and motor vehicles equates to about a $350 savings for the average family in New Britain. The tax decrease included in Mayor Stewart’s proposed budget for FY 2021 is indicative of the smart, stable, responsible budgeting principals that have been the cornerstone of the Stewart Administration.

The 2021 budget that Mayor Stewart will deliver to the Common Council will also increase funding to the Education Savings Account, does not include any layoffs or elimination of essential services, continues to fund the ongoing fight against blight throughout the City, increases funding of liabilities and pensions, and allows for designated Spanish and Polish translators to help residents with City business.

Once Mayor Stewart submits her proposed budget to the Common Council, it will be referred to all three subcommittees for discussion. The Common Council will hold a public hearing on April 22nd at 7:00 p.m. where members of the public will be able to voice their opinions on the proposed budget.

Media Contact: Rachel Zaniewski
Public Affairs Specialist, Office of Mayor Erin E. Stewart (860) 826-3302

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