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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2020


New Britain - Mayor Erin Stewart announced today, that The City of New Britain’s Local Prevention Council is being awarded a Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The grant is in the amount of $1.2 million and will be awarded to the City of New Britain annually for the next ten years ($125,000 per year). The DFC program, created in 1997, provides grants to community coalitions to strengthen the infrastructure among local partners as a way to create and sustain a reduction in local youth substance use. New Britain is amongst only 700 communities across the country that will be awarded this grant.

“The City has worked hard, taken the initiative, and proven inclusiveness to engage multiple sectors of the community,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “With this funding The City of New Britain will be able to build a stronger city-wide system and strategically employ a variety of environmental strategies to address local substance use problems. This is a big win for our City and I am incredibly proud of the work our Department of Community Services did to receive this grant.”

The Local Prevention Council was established in November of 2019. Its’ mission is to promote wellness through education, advocacy, collaboration, and implement strategies to ensure all youth are prepared to be positive contributing community members.

Mayor Stewart continues, “With various task forces established, such as the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force and Building Hope Together homeless initiative, the Local Prevention Council fits nicely under a larger umbrella that we will call New Britain Recovers – relaunch and expansion coming next spring. Aligning all of these efforts will allow community providers to feel supported and avoid working in silos. Marketing to the community and neighborhoods will be a key approach to ensuring all residents seeking support services will know where and how to find them.”

“Receiving this award guarantees education, training opportunities, as well as evaluations for successful sustainability in substance use prevention efforts. The resources that will be available to New Britain will strengthen partnerships, align strategies, and empower each other to support the City’s youth, their families, and our neighborhoods in a stigma free manner. Nothing can be fixed with a magic wand, but sharing resources, empowering our neighbors, and equipping them with skills, knowledge, and supports can truly support those who need it and keep New Britain thriving as a community,” said Mallory Deprey, Director of the New Britain Community Services Office.

For more information on the Local Prevention Council or the work being completed in conjunction with the Local Prevention partners, please visit

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Brock L. Weber
Executive Aide to Mayor Erin Stewart

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