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City of New Britain Announces Completion of Implicit Bias Training

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2020


NEW BRITAIN – New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart proudly announced today that New Britain is the first municipality in the State of Connecticut to require every City Employee to participate in implicit bias training and that every City employee has completed their training.

The City offered twenty-four sessions over the course of four weeks; each session ran ninety minutes. The sessions were run by Michelle Stewart-Copes MS, MSW, president of SEET Consultants, LLC and facilitated by the City of New Britain’s Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities office. “Implicit bias” refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.

Mayor Stewart, a strong advocate for social awareness and tolerance throughout the City, was the driving force behind the required training. “My administration has made it clear, that if you work for the City you will be required to complete implicit bias training now and moving forward,” said Mayor Stewart. “It is vitally important to learn how to appreciate and respect people’s differences – no matter how tough it might be, sometimes, to have the conversation. The fabric of our community is woven in many colors and diversity is one of our greatest assets. In New Britain, City employees will work with people from all different backgrounds and we want to provide our employees the resources and training they need to do their job well and fairly. We must respect and embrace our residents no matter what their background is.”

“I enjoyed the discussions that took place during the implicit bias trainings. It’s very important that we continue to have conversations about our differences so we can see how much alike we actually are,” said CHRO officer Jerrell Hargraves.

The City looks forward to continuing this training in the future.

Media Contact:

Brock L. Weber

Executive Aide to Mayor Erin Stewart


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