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Mayor Stewart Announces Cares Act Investments in New Britain



NEW BRITAIN – Mayor Erin Stewart announced today a series of significant investments in New Britain made possible with grant monies provided to the City through the CARES Act.

In response to the economic impact caused by the Coronavirus global pandemic, Congress passed The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This federal Act provides funds to state, local and tribal governments through the Coronavirus Relief Fund. These relief funds will go to several initiatives in our community to aid in our recovery. On April 2nd the City received a letter from the Department of Housing and Urban Development notifying the City of a CARES Act appropriation. The funds were allocated at a special meeting of the Commission of Community and Neighborhood Development on May 28th, where they voted to amend our 2019 Annual Plan to include the CARES Act funds. On June 3rd the City received an additional letter from HUD approving our amendment and making the funds available.

“I’m beyond excited to announce the first installment of investments in our City,” said Mayor Stewart. “As you all know, since the start of the shutdown due to COVID-19 many communities in our state and country have suffered much loss; businesses have suffered, people have lost their jobs, and municipalities have tried to cover the rising costs of the public health and safety needs of their residents – it’s been tough. Thankfully the CARES Act has made certain monies available to us to help offset these new municipal burdens; it will help us prepare, prevent, and respond to the many issues COVID-19 has created.”

The first set of CARES Act investments in New Britain are as follows:

  • Over $30,000 will go to facilities upgrades. Air purification systems will be installed in several city buildings, such as City Hall, the Senior Center, the Health Department, the Police Department and the Police Athletic Buildings. These air purification systems utilize Ultraviolet/Photoionization technology to purify the air going through the HVAC systems to kill germs, viruses and dust.
  • $102,000 will go toward new decontamination equipment for our New Britain Fire Department. The City will purchase new Unimac Extractors, a Rapid Sanitizing System, and an Ultra-violet light machine. The new decontamination equipment will be utilized for thorough cleaning and decontamination of shared spaces and firefighting equipment in the event that firefighters and/or their gear becomes contaminated. This decontamination equipment also kills other viruses and bacteria.
  • $50,000 toward re-stocking our Food Pantry at the New Britain Food and Resource Center, as well as our mobile food pantry. This will help us meet the nutritional needs of our residents and combat food insecurity in our city due to the Coronavirus.
  • $91,150 will go towards eviction mediation services. Tenants and landlords have both struggled during the pandemic, this investment is an attempt to reconcile the differences of both parties and come to a decision that works well for all involved. Cases will be assisted by the Fair Housing Office with the goal of mediating before they get to court. The Fair Housing Office will assist in drafting documents if cases do have to go to court.
  • $125,000 to assist our local small businesses through educational and marketing initiatives. A portion of this allocation will go towards the creation of educational business kits, which will show best practices on business safety protocols from our Director of Public Health and provide necessary safety materials to the business owner. The second portion will be allocated to an integrated digital and television marketing campaign designed to highlight that New Britain is safe and open for business!

“CCND is proud to receive and allocate these funds to prevent, prepare and respond to COVID,” said CCND Chairman Alphonse Wright. “HUD has very strict limitations on how we can spend these dollars. We are pleased that HUD has approved the City for the use of these funds in our ongoing response to the pandemic.”

The City of New Britain remains hopeful that additional funding may become available to the City if a second round of the CARES Act or a similar stimulus package is approved in Washington, DC.

Media Contact:

Brock L. Weber

Executive Aide to Mayor Erin Stewart


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