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Legal Notice - Code of Ordinances


Notice is hereby given that by a majority vote of the New Britain Common Council at the Regular Meeting held on April 8, 2020, resolutions amending the Code of Ordinances were adopted, and signed by Mayor Erin E. Stewart on April 13, 2020.

Resolution #34996-4 Re: Amendment to gender neutralize the applicable provisions of the Code of Ordinances.

Resolution #35011-2 Re: Amendment to the Code of Ordinances Sec 2-360 to eliminate the requirement for the council clerk to provide copies of certain council proceedings to departments.

Resolution #35023-2 Re: Amendment to Sec 5-18, 5-59, 14-92 and 14-93 of the Code of Ordinances to eliminate the Committee on Licenses.

Notice is also hereby given that printed copies of said resolutions may be obtained at the office of the Town & City Clerk, 27 West Main Street, New Britain CT 06051.

ATTEST: Mark H. Bernacki, City Clerk 04/14/2020