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City Launches Initiative to Sell City-Owned Property

New Britain—The City of New Britain has launched a proactive initiative to sell off city-owned property that has been vacant and unused for an extended period of time.  “It costs the City money to take care of these properties.  The right buyer can do more with the property and has an opportunity to increase the overall value of the properties surrounding it,” said Mayor Erin Stewart.

Towards the end of 2017, questions were raised about blighted city properties were either owned by the City or were not maintained by tenants and landlords.  While the City wants to hold landlords and tenants responsible for the upkeep of their property, the City is also taking action on its own properties.

There were more than 60 City properties that were evaluated and assessed based on location, condition, and potential development.  The City has narrowed down a list of properties that are fit for development upon sale and are in areas poised for redevelopment. 

“The parcels of land can be used for anything from residential housing development, apartment housing development, or small business development.  The City will release the list of “developable properties” under the Economic Development tab on the City website”,  added Bill Carroll, Director of Economic Development. 

Those interested in speaking with a city representative should call (860) 826-3303 and ask to speak with Director of Economic Development Bill Carroll to further discuss interest in the property.  (A detailed list of available properties can be viewed online under the “Economic Development” tab on the City of New Britain website, or can be picked up in the Economic Development office on the second floor of City Hall.)  

In order to qualify for purchasing a city-owned property, interested parties must complete the form located on website, or get one from the Economic Development office on the second floor of City Hall.



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