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Community Policing Works - Major Crimes Down, 2016 New Britain Safer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   December 30, 2016

Office of the Mayor

The Honorable Erin E. Stewart

Community Policing Works - Major Crimes Down, 2016 New Britain Safer

NEW BRITAIN—The City of New Britain is on pace to end 2016 with a significant reduction in major crimes as compared to 2015, Mayor Erin E. Stewart and Police Chief James P. Wardwell announced today.

Incidents of murders, robberies, assaults, burglaries, and larceny are on track to be lower than compared to the same time period for the year prior, according to statistics from the New Britain Police Department. The City of New Britain has a total population of about 73,000 residents and is the 8th largest city in Connecticut.

"These figures are a clear indication of the excellent work that our men and women of the New Britain Police Department do every day to make our community safe," said Mayor Stewart. "I am proud of our Police Department and the efforts they have made to make our City a welcoming place and to deter crimes."

The data, as of November 14, 2016, shows the following:

  • Murders are down from 3 incidents in 2015 to 0 in 2016
  • Robberies are down from 117 incidents in 2015 to 62 in 2016
  • Assaults are down from 743 incidents in 2015 to 604 in 2016
  • Burglaries are down from 445 incidents in 2015 to 344 in 2016
  • Larceny is down from 1,370 incidents in 2015 to 1,113 in 2016

Police Chief James Wardwell commented, "In some parts of the country cities are experiencing sharp spikes in violent crime, but here in New Britain we have been able to successfully reduce violence and other crimes by becoming more engaged with our residents and improved policing of our neighborhoods. This is a credit to our hard working police officers and the community we serve. "

Final statistics for 2016 will be available in late January 2017.


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