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Food Truck License


May 1, 2023

Dear Vendor,

The City of New Britain is excited to announce several changes to our Food Truck regulations beginning with the 2023 – 2024 licensing year which starts July 1, 2023.  The biggest change we are presenting you with is our newly approved Green Zone vending locations.  For years we have heard your concerns about profitable locations to vend from and we have come up with an answer we hope will provide our community with exciting dining options.  For several years, New Britain has experienced a bump in transit oriented development based around CTFastTrak locations with residential and commercial construction reshaping our city around CTFastrak transit hubs.  

We have flipped finding a good location on its head and are now ready to present food trucks with restricted parking spaces on our streets in locations that have proven profitable in the past. In addition, we are adding locations adjacent to CTFastrak or highway access.  The City will now be permitting food trucks to park on City streets in seven unique locations. Each vendor only Green Zone will allow no more than two (2) food trucks to operate in each of these permitted locations annually.  These locations are well marked with signage restricting parking to food trucks only and will also contain green road striping to clearly define the vending area.

In addition to these Green Zone locations, annual food truck permits can also be used for several other food truck operations, including:

1.       Purchasing an annual itinerant vendor license allowing the operator to vend at both public and private events, including our Main Street Market, New Britain’s downtown farmers market, without the need to purchase a $50 single day Temporary Food License.  An annual permit will also allow food trucks to submit bids to vend in the City’s amazing parks!

2.       Licensed food trucks can apply through our Zoning Board of Appeals process for a site plan revision to operate on private property.

3.       Food trucks such as ice cream trucks an can also obtain annual permits to vend on the city streets while traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood.    

To support food trucks we have created an application which is specific to your unique type of operation.  No longer will you be grouped with brick and mortar food service establishments.  By visiting our website at, you can apply for an Itinerant Vendor License Application.  Here you can also find a PDF version of our Green Zone map and background check application.

Remember, each Green Zone location only allows for a maximum of two (2) trucks so please review the map, check out the locations, and select as many sites as you feel are appropriate for your operation.  The fee for each Green Zone license is $250.00.  Annual licenses range from $105.00 to $185.00 depending on classification.  A vending fee of $500.00 is applied to operators who are mobile on our city streets.  All of the above fees apply to our fiscal year which runs July 1st through June 30th.


Sergio Lupo MPH, RS

Director of Licenses, Permits, Inspections & Health