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New Britain Mayor, Erin E. Stewart, unveiled a comprehensive “Smart City” plan to save taxpayers money by focusing on making city buildings operate more efficiently.


“We can do so much more throughout the city to save taxpayers money,” Stewart said.  “Right now, our city is letting golden opportunities pass us by.  We are wasting people’s money. As mayor, I will direct city government to move on the fast track toward creating “smart” buildings.  By running the city in a smarter way, we can generate long-term savings for taxpayers.  We just need new leadership and fresh ideas to make it happen.


Stewart’s plan calls for:      

  • Making city buildings “smarter” to monitor utilities through smart energy management and conservation.      
  • Generating up to 20 percent in utility savings compared to current costs.      
  • Directing cooperation among city departments to produce long-term efficiencies.

“Even better for New Britain taxpayers is that taxes would not have to rise to make our city smarter,” Stewart said.  “The savings generated by moving toward smarter buildings will enable New Britain to do more within existing resources.  I love this city, and as mayor I will make New Britain’s energy efficiency policies a role model for the rest of the state."

“New Britain taxpayers – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – have told me...they want our city to be more affordable to live, work, and raise a family.  To make New Britain more affordable, we need to make city government more efficient.  We can become a Smart City.  What are we waiting for?  Once we get smarter, we can become a more competitive city and get taxpayers the relief they crave.  As mayor, I look forward to bringing our city together to accomplish this goal.  If we continue to stand still as a city, we are doomed to fail.  We have got to change the way we run our city.”

Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Uncover hidden revenues through smart energy management and conservation measures Upgrade mechanical, HVAC, Lighting and building management systems Combine energy purchasing for City and BOE to maximize rate savings Utility savings could yield as much as 20% savings allowing the city to fund upgrades with existing revenues Utilize Smart Grid technology and Smart Power meter installations.

Facilities Management and Security

Making buildings smarter through daily monitoring of utilities Integration of all City and BOE’s building management systems through software integration Utilize video surveillance capability making streets and schools safer Engage access control technology in all city owned buildings especially schools.


Decaying revenues allow for large savings through real consolidations of City and BOE functions Maintenance, Finance, Personnel cooperation will create more efficient administration of your tax dollars Reduced costs will allow for future funding of books and technology Utilize existing GIS and GPS technologies to assist in storm management and emergency decisions Retrofitting of Street lighting systems to LED technology will save $$ Revenue generation through surplus enterprise funds.