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Planning, Zoning, and Housing

The Planning, Zoning, and Housing Subcommittee meets on the First Tuesday following the first Monday of every month, unless otherwise noted on the annual schedule, at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.

Subcommittee Members :
  • Ald. Nathan Simpson, Chair
  • Ald. Candyce Scott, Vice Chair
  • Ald. Wilma Barbosa
  • Ald. Lori McAdam
  • Ald. John McNamara
  • Ald. Matthew Malinowski
  • Ald. Alden Russell
  • Ald. Jerrell Hargraves
  • Ald. Sharon Beloin-Saaavedra

    Alternate (D):  Iris Sanchez

    Alternate (R):  Wilfredo Pabon

All 15 members of the Common Council are members of the Zoning Committee and will be notified of meetings where zoning matters will be discussed.