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Name Position Phone
Assessor's Office Assessor 860-826-3323
Board of Education Consolidated School District Superintendent 860-827-2200
Building Department Chief Building Official 860-826-3383
City Hall Commission Director of Property Management 860-826-3415
City Hall Main 860-826-0000
Civil Service Personnel Director 860-826-3404
Common Council Council Administrator 860-826-3392
Community Services Director of Community Services 860-826-3366
Corporation Counsel Assistant Corporation Counsel 860-826-3420
Economic Development Economic Development Director 860-229-1665 x12
Finance Department Deputy Director of Finance 860-826-3434
Fire Chief Fire Chief 860-826-4300
Health Department Nurse Manager 860-826-2771
Human Rights & Opportunities Director of Human Rights & Opportunity 860-826-3410
Information Technology Director of Information Technology 860-826-3444
Mayor's Office Mayor 860-826-3300
Municipal Development Information, 125 Columbus Blvd 860-826-3330
Police Department Routine Information 860-826-3000
Public Works Director of Public Works 860-826-3350
Tax Collector Tax Collector 860-826-3317
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