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Office Hours: Monday thru Friday: 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. (6:45 p.m. last Thursday of the month)

Connecticut State Treasurer, Denise L. Nappier, has announced her efforts to return millions of dollars in unclaimed property to thousands of rightful owners. The State Treasurer has release the names of over 95,000 individuals, businesses and organizations who have unclaimed property.
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Mark H. Bernacki, Town & City Clerk 


Welcome to the City of New Britain Town Clerk’s web page. The Town Clerk is an elected official sworn to uphold constitutional law and the ordinances of New Britain. Our office is the active main hub of New Britain government that links its residents and businesses with New Britain's vital statistics and records. New Britain archives (records since 1850) are an invaluable resource for the public, historians, and businesses.

It is our goal to provide accurate and timely information and assist you in obtaining access to your town information and services. Since 1850, the Town Clerk has securely kept the vital statistics of more than 1 million births, deaths, marriages, trade names, military discharges and land record documents. The Town Clerk also functions as the City Clerk, Registrar of Vital Statistics and Clerk of the Common Council.  Duties also involve maintaining records of election records, all city ordinances, charter, minutes and proceedings of common council and commission meetings. The Town Clerk's Office issues a variety of licenses such as dog licenses, business licenses, trade names, etc.  and has a notary public on our staff. The Town Clerk also plays a vital role in elections, is custodian of the city seal, and administers oaths.
Each year we serve over 16,000 customers and process over 45,000 transactions. We are excited about our land record portal that provides off-site 24/7 access, retrieval and printing of New Britain's land records, e-recordings (NOW AVAILABLE), and more on-line documentation to make your visit to the Town Clerk's Office or web page more pleasant and productive.

We are happy to assist you. Our staff is among the most experienced in the state. You can click on the fields on the right hand side to research and obtain the information and forms you need. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Mark H. Bernacki, New Britain Town & City Clerk, Registrar of Vital Statistics and Clerk of the Common Council



***NEW*** - eRecording     File your real estate documents electronically! Sign up with one of our four Delivery Agents -Corporation Service Company (CSC), eRecording Partners Network (ePN), Indecomm Global Services, Simplifile

See our LAND RECORDS web page (select tab on the right) for emails of our Delivery Agents

Fast, easy, convenient, cost effective !



New Britain Town Clerk Presentation - discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the Town Clerk's Office, history, and the future direction of the office.


***NEW*** There is a new link called Maps/GIS. This link will provide Assessor's data as well as mapping for the entire City. Please take time to use this new tool, it will make finding parcels and ownership a lot easier. To access, click HOME at the top tab, then scroll down and click on MAPS/GIS.






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