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3/13/15 - Click Here to Download the latest Bike New Britain Bike Routes Map 

11/18/14 - BIG NEWS!!!! New Britain was notified last week that we have been awarded Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze Status by the League of American Bicyclists.  This is a tremendous accomplishment, and New Britain joins a small list of cities and towns nation-wide that have achieved this designation. Many thanks to all those involved that helped the us achieve this ranking. Many communities take several tries to achieve Bicycle Friendly Status. Thanks to the combined efforts of the city and residents the past two years New Britain achieved this ranking in our first try. This is a  great example that by working together the sky's the limit. Look for more news and information about this in the coming weeks, and on the Bike New Britain Facebook Page.

10/24/14 - Looking for something fun to do tomorrow? Join the Central CT Cycling Club for New Britain's inaugural Hardware City Bike Tour tomorrow morning at 9:45. The main Central CT Cycling Club rides are moderately paced 10 & 20 mile fun rides intended to show of the City's parks & miles & miles of new bike lanes. Team CF is also leading 50k and 120k training rides for advanced road riders that can maintain 18 to 20 mpg paces. Participation is free & gift certificates will be given to all participants for a free world famous "Cappy Dog", free Cider & Donuts from Roger's Orchards, along with gift certificates for other downtown NB restaurants including the new Riley's Gourmet Burgers and Hot Dogs. Registration starts at 9 & the weather forecast is looking great.

10/1/14 - The 1st Annual Hardware City Bicycle Tour is being held on Saturday, October 25th at 9:30 a.m. starting from Central Park in downtown New Britain. This is a free event sponsored by the Central Connecticut Cycling Club, but donations will be accepted towards funding costs associated with the free Bike Share / "Borrow a Bike" program being established for 2015. The intent of this ride is mostly to show off the city and the miles and miles of bike lanes and routes established around the city within the past few years.   

9/24/14 - The next Bike New Britain meeting will be held Tuesday, October 7th at 6 pm at the Frosty Mug on Beaver Street. Main topic of discussion will be new bikes lanes and routes around the city, Bike Friendly Community Application, the Borrow A Bike Program, and upcoming events.

8/14/2014 - New Britain just submitted our Bike Friendly Community Application to the League of American Bicyclists. Completing this application has been a massive undertaking & it took the combined efforts of so many people to put us in a position where we're eligible for this prestigious and coveted designation. Thank you to everyone that helped us get to this place. It's been a fun and rewarding journey so far.

7/29/2014 - The next Bike New Britain meeting is 7/29/2014 from 6-7:30 pm at the Frosty Mug 269 Beaver Street



Many people around New Britain have been wondering, “What’s the deal with the new bike lanes and bike symbols in the city’s roads”?  The bike lanes are part of the City’s BIKE NEW BRITAIN Initiative that has a goal of making New Britain a bike friendly community. This involves establishing safe bike routes between all the City’s parks, schools, CCSU, and also the CTFastrak bus line.  The plan for BIKE NEW BRITAIN was developed through a joint effort between the City and local bike advocates.  This initiative has many benefits from slowing traffic in the city’s streets to providing safer bicycling routes for children to the City’s schools.

Similar initiatives are happening in cities large and small across the country, and most cities known for having a high quality of life nationwide coincidently are bicycle friendly communities. Besides the quality of life, health, and environmental benefits, bike friendly communities also realize economic benefits related to these efforts. Worldwide investments in bicycle infrastructure have been shown to help raise property values, support business growth, and bike infrastructure has been proven to be a major selling point for people thinking about moving to a city.

A recent report released by New York City’s Transportation Department found that businesses that are located near bicycle infrastructure often experience a significant increase in customers. “These projects are not just about the quality of life or aesthetics,” Janette Sadik-Khan, the city’s transportation commissioner, said in a phone interview. “In case after case, these projects really do set the table for economic development.”

Bicycling for transportation can also help a person significantly cut their annual cost of living. This is because purchasing a bicycle only requires a relatively small initial investment, bicycles don’t require fuel, and bicycles are not subject to taxes like car annual taxes. When you pair bicycling with mass transit like the CT Transit’s Bus Service and the CTFastrak Bus Rapid Transit line you have a safe, low cost, and efficient way to travel locally.  

Besides these other benefits, bicycling is just plain fun, and is a healthy activity for an entire family. A 2013 United Nations Global “World Happiness Report” found that the nations around the globe that are the happiest are also the most bike friendly. BIKE NEW BRITAIN’S Advocacy Group is involved in many efforts including hosting events, educational programs, establishing a free bike share program, and partnering with other organizations for bike donation and recycling programs for underprivileged children. 

If you would like to get involved in the BIKE NEW BRITAIN’S Advocacy Group or if you have other questions about BIKE NEW BRITAIN email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or find us on Facebook



Bicycling is a fun, family friendly and healthy activity that you can do and enjoy from the time you are a child until well into your old age. It is important that when you bike that you bike safely though.  Listed below are some important bicycle safety tips geared especially for children although most of these  apply to anyone and everyone that rides a bike:

Bike Safety Tips (courtesy of

Wear a Helmet: We have a simple saying: "Use your head, wear a helmet." It is the single most effective safety device available to reduce head injury and death from bicycle crashes.

Find the Right Helmet Fit: Make sure your child has the right size helmet and wears it every time when riding, skating or scooting. Your children's helmet should meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's standards. When it's time to purchase a new helmet, let your children pick out their own; they'll be more likely to wear them for every ride. Make sure the helmet fits and your child knows how to put it on correctly. A helmet should sit on top of the head in a level position, and should not rock forward, backward or side to side. The helmet straps must always be buckled, but not too tightly. Safe Kids recommends kids take the Helmet Fit Test. EYES check: Position the helmet on your head. Look up and you should see the bottom rim of the helmet. The rim should be one to two finger-widths above the eyebrows. EARS check: Make sure the straps of the helmet form a "V" under your ears when buckled. The strap should be snug but comfortable. MOUTH check: Open your mouth as wide as you can. Do you feel the helmet hug your head? If not, tighten those straps and make sure the buckle is flat against your skin.

Use Appropriate Helmets for Different Activities: Children should always wear a helmet for all wheeled sports activities. A properly-fitted bike helmet is just as effective when riding a scooter, roller skating or in-line skating. When skateboarding and long boarding, make sure your child wears a skateboarding helmet.

Proper Equipment and Maintenance Are Important: Ensure proper bike fit by bringing the child along when shopping for a bike. Select one that is the right size for the child, not one he or she will grow into. When children are sitting on the seat of the bicycle, their feet should be able to touch the ground. Before the ride, make sure the reflectors are secure, brakes work properly, gears shift smoothly, and tires are tightly secured and properly inflated. Long or loose clothing can get caught in bike chains or wheel spokes. Dress young kids appropriately to ensure a safe ride.

Keep an Eye Out: Actively supervise children until you're comfortable that they are responsible to ride on their own. Every child is different, but developmentally, it can be hard for kids to judge speed and distance of cars until age 10, so limit riding to sidewalks (although be careful for vehicles in driveways), parks or bike paths until age 10. No matter where you ride, teach your child to stay alert and watch for cars and trucks. Children should be able to demonstrate riding competence and knowledge of the rules of the road before cycling with traffic.

Model and Teach Good Behavior: You'd be surprised how much kids learn from watching you, so it's extra important for parents to model proper behavior. Wear a helmet, even if you didn't when you were a kid. Teach your kids to make eye contact with drivers. Bikers should make sure drivers are paying attention and are going to stop before they cross the street. Tell your kids to ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, not against it. Stay as far to the right as possible. Use appropriate hand signals and respect traffic signals, stopping at all stop signs and stoplights. Stop and look left, right and left again before entering a street or crossing an intersection. Look back and yield to traffic coming from behind before turning left.

Be Bright, Use Lights: When riding at dusk, dawn or in the evening, be bright and use lights – and make sure your bike has reflectors as well. It's also smart to wear clothes and accessories that have retro-reflective materials to improve biker visibility to motorists. Most states require a front light but allow the use of a rear reflector. Headlights aren't so much for bicyclists to see where they are going but for others to see them. Riding without a headlight means drivers won't see you, and surprising motorists is never a good idea. DOWNLOAD TIPS



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