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This extension of our streetscape initiatives will help make New Britain a more pedestrian friendly city by better connecting Broad Street and the Main Street area. Plans call for reducing the number of travel lanes, installing wider walkways, adding a median with light posts to calm traffic, creating bike lanes, and other changes.

Click on the image to see an article published by City Lab about our new overpass.  


Welcome to the City of New Britain Public Works Department's website. The City's Public Works staff is dedicated to providing friendly service while maintaining the City's roads and sewers, taking the lead role in many of the City's environmental initiatives, and managing other important City operations such as snow removal.

We encourage you to take some time and look through our website to learn about the services we offer to the people of New Britain. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact us by phone or even better, use the City Hall Express link to email me directly. It is our pleasure serving the citizens of New Britain.

Mark E. Moriarty, P.E.
Director of Public Works


By City ordinances, the Public Works Department is charged with the following responsibilities:

Construction, maintenance, alteration and repair of the City's infrastructure including:

  • Over 160 miles of City streets and 227 miles of sidewalks
  • 180 miles of sanitary sewers
  • 145 miles of storm water drainage system
  • Traffic signals, striping and signage
  • Engineering, Surveying and Mapping

Licensing and Permitting for work within the City's right-of-way

Snow Removal on City Streets

Refuse collection

Fleet Management for over 350 City vehicles and equipment

New Britain's Public Works Department has a staff of over 70 technical, professional and operational employees that perform the work related to these areas.

Administration, Engineering and Survey
Public Works Department
5th Floor City Hall
27 West Main Street
New Britain, CT 06051

Streets, Traffic, and Fleet Services
Public Works Yard
55 Harvard Street
New Britain, CT 06051

Transfer Station Scale House
642 Christian Lane
New Britain, CT 06051


New Britain Geospatial Information (GIS)


New Britain Official Block Map
Interactive Index Map
Interactive GIS Application

May 2008 Standard Specifications for Municipal Construction

Including: Standard Specifications
Engineering Standards
Requirements for As-Built Maps
Standard Details
Site Plan Application Check List

April 2008 Downtown New Britain Development Project Plan


The Department administers all contracts for collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclables. The City's Residential Recycling Center is located in Berlin. In 2014 approximately 22,000 tons of municipal waste were delivered to Covanta's waste-to-energy facility and an additional 4,300 tons of recyclables were sent to Murphy Road Recycling in Berlin. The City also participates in regional household hazardous waste collections. A curbside leaf -bag pickup program is conducted annually.



"Clean Cart" Program

"Clean Cart" Program Curbside Rules

  1. Place all rubbish (in plastic bags-NO loose rubbish) into the CLEANCART
  2. Keep lids closed to prevent water accumulation
  3. Wheel carts to the curb with the handles toward the house the night before collection day.
  4. Recycle ­ Place recycling container 18 inches from the 96-gallon cart (junk mail, newspapers & magazines in paper bags, cardboard folded-not tied, plastics 1 - 7, bottles & cans too!).

Items NOT allowed in Clean Cart

  • No metal items (CWPM On-call appointment 860-793-6721)
  • No hot ashes
  • No leaves/grass (Recycle)
  • No recyclables
  • No hazardous household chemicals
  • No oversized burnable items (CWPM On-call appointment 860-793-6721)
  • No construction/home improvement debris (CWPM On-call appointment 860-793-6721)
  • No car parts
  • No tires
  • No grass clippings

If hazardous waste is found, the property assigned the cart will be responsible for covering all costs associated with damage to vehicles, cleanup and disposal costs.

"Clean Cart" Top Six (6) Questions

Q: How much rubbish fits into the 96-gallon cart?
A: The Clean Cart provides room equivalent to three of the old type of trash cans. The average family needs only three regular sized cans. By recycling metal, glass, plastics 1 through 7, bottles, cans, paperboard, cardboard, newspaper, magazines/catalogues & junk will have plenty of room for weekly rubbish.

Q: How about if I have more than fits into the 96-gallon cart on a regular basis?
A: If you find that your weekly trash is much more than the average, you must rent an additional cart. Public Works suggests you recycle all required items to make room in the cart for rubbish and to avoid added costs. Recycle as much as possible...there is no cost for recycling! !!!

Q: How about seasonal increases in rubbish like July 4th, Memorial & Labor Day weekends, Christmas & New Year's time?
A: Public Works recommends you pull all recyclables from holiday celebration rubbish, recycle and store excess rubbish until the following week¹s collection.

Q: Should I mark my cart with my address?
A: Yes, on the inside lid. A sticker located on the inside lid will have a place for permanent marking of your address.

Q: What do I do if my Clean Cart disappears or is stolen?
A: Immediately call Public Works 826-3350 to report the loss. Public Works will register the loss & a new container will be issued, at a replacement fee of $75.00.

Q: If I am a senior or disabled, can I get a smaller container?
A: Yes, call Public Works at 826-3350.

Your Feedback on the "Clean Cart" Program

We appreciate your input! Send us your questions or comments regarding the new clean cart program.

Single Stream RecyclingRecycle Logo

NB Public Works Recycle FlyerPrintable Flyer

Curbside Recycling:

A city-wide residential Single Stream Recycling Program began early fall of 2010.  The program targets 1 - 6 family residential properties.  Single Stream Recycling (also known as all in one or commingled recycling)  refers to a system in which residents can mix newspaper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc. together in their recycling container without having to sort each item separately.  Single Stream recycling makes it almost as easy to use the recycling container as it is to use the trash can, so there's no excuse for not recycling.

The Single Stream Recycling Program allows the City to expand the items that can be recycled.  Plastics 1 - 7 will be recyclable with this new program and other items such as box board (i.e. cereal boxes and similar materials) will also be able to be recycled. The more material that is recycled and not going into the trash, the more the City saves since disposal costs for recyclables are less than half of what they are for rubbish.

Another significant change with the Single Stream Recycling Program is that recycling collection will take place every other week instead of every week.  The day of the week recycling is collected will not change, information about the start dates for Single Stream Recycling in your neighborhood will be provided with the container.

State Law Mandates Recycling:

These new recycling containers are equipped with technology for tracking recycling practices of each property. Local fines for not recycling will be enforced!   A report that a property is not recycling will be verified by Public Works staff.  The first offense for non-compliance with recycling laws will be addressed with a written warning.  If there is a second offense, a $25 fine will be levied.  Each subsequent violation of the State Recycling Mandate will be punishable by a $100 fine for each offense.

More information will be provided before the start of the program, but in the meantime, feel free to call Public Works at 860-826-3350 with your questions.


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Junk Mail
  • Office Paper
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Corrugated Cardboard folded flat to 2' x 3'

Clean Food & Beverage Containers

  • NO:  Trash
  • NO:  Plastic Bags

Glass and Metal Food & Beverage Containers

  • NO:  Prescription Drug Containers
  • NO:  Light Bulbs, Window/Mirror Glass

Metal Cans and Foil

  • NO:  Scrap Metal, Appliances, Metal Parts,
  • NO:  Pots/Pans, Silverware, Needles
  • NO:  Aerosol and Paint Cans

Plastic Containers - Look for the number triangle on the bottom

NO: Toxic Fluid Containers, Antifreeze, Motor Oil, Household Cleaners. Pesicides

How Do I Recycle Electronics?
- Deliver to Residential Recycling Center, 642 Christian Lane, Berlin  (Free Disposal)

Non-Burnable/Heavy Metal Trash Pick-Up
- On-Call Non-Burnable Curbside Collection Guide

What To Do With Large Burnable Items
Call for appointment:  CWPM 860-793-6721

Rugs/Carpeting Roll & Tie to 4' Length
Loose Wood  Cut to 4' & bundle into manageable piles
Yard Clippings Cut to 4' & bundle into manageable piles
Wooden Fences Cut down to 4' length & set out a few sections each week
Wooden Furniture Do not break down wooden furniture Put on curb-whole
Couches, Chairs & Recliners Household Plastic Lawn Furniture & Toys
Mattresses & Boxsprings Wooden Framed Windows//Doors

Household Hazardous Waste Collection  (call Public Works with dates/times/locations)

Residents of Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, Meriden, New Britain, Plainville, Plymouth, Prospect, Southington and Wolcott and may bring household hazardous waste to any of the below-listed collection sites free of charge. All collection events are held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Identification will be required as proof of residency. No waste from businesses will be accepted.

Items to be accepted include: pesticides, herbicides and weed killers, oil-based paint (no latex paints), paint thinners, varnish, rechargeable batteries, hobby and photographic chemicals, pool chemicals, household cleaners and disinfectants, antifreeze, waste oil, gasoline, fertilizers and mercury.

Stop Storm Drain Pollution - Remember storm drains empty into our waterways
DON'T LITTER - Place litter in trash cans.
DON'T Dump oil, antifreeze or other chemicals down the storm drain.
DON'T allow your car to leak fluids. Fluids wash into storm drains when it rains.
DON'T allow oil or paint spills to accumulate on driveways or sidewalks
DON'T wash leaves, twigs & dirt into storm drains. Even natural materials can pollute waters.
DON'T wash out paint brushes, pans or rollers in the gutter.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD these applicable City Ordinances:

- Chapter 11: Garbage, Trash & Refuse
- Chapter 21: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places
- Chapter 23: Utilities
- Full listing of City Ordinances

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