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27 West Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051

Tel: (860) 826-3383
Fax: (860) 612-4212

The Zoning Enforcement Division has the responsibility for the enforcement of laws, regulations and city ordinances governing land use to promote zoning compliance. The Division is responsible for the following:

Zoning application process (Before applying for a Building Permit) for the propose of the site plan review
Monitoring zoning compliance as developments are constructed
Respond effectively to violation complaints
Issuing Zoning Permits/Certificate of Zoning Compliance
Providing information to the public and Zoning Board of Appeals.

David D. Zajac, Zoning Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector    860-612-5014


The Building Code Enforcement Division:

The Building Code Enforcement Division has the responsibility for the administration of the State Building Code and State Demolition Code, enforcement of laws, regulations and ordinances governing any construction, alteration, additions or repair of the buildings, including all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, sprinkler system and air-conditioning installations therein. The building division is responsible for the following:

Accepting Building Permit applications for any construction activity in this municipality that requires a building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or sprinkler permits
Performing plan review
Issuing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or sprinkler permits
Conducting inspections related to these permits
Issuing Certificates of Approval/Occupancy for all work related to construction projects.

Scott Wadowski, Electrical Inspector    860-826-3386
William G. Wass, Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector    860-826-3387
David D. Zajac, Acting Building Official/Zoning Enforcement Officer    860-612-5014


The Housing Code Enforcement Division:

The Housing Division's job is to respond effectively to violation complaints and apply provisions of those regulations uniformly to new construction or existing building, maintenance, use and occupancy of every portion of the building or its premises to promote compliance. The Housing Enforcement Division has the responsibility for the following:

Enforcement of State laws related to abatement of nuisance in tenement houses, Administer City Anti-Blight Ordinance and Minimum Housing Code provisions and Enforce building regulations related to the protection, preservation and promotion of safety, health and social well-being of residents of this municipality.

Ariel Lago, Housing Inspector    860-826-3388
Tim Digan, Housing Inspector     860-612-3389
Todd Szczygiel, Housing Inspector     860-612-5016 

Information on what Building Codes or for copies of the Building Codes the City of New Britain enforces, please visit the following State of Connecticut Web Site: http://www.state.ct.us/dps/dfebs/osbi/TechServ/Codes.htm

In addition, the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch has a Web site for Landlord / Tenant frequently asked questions.  http://www.jud.state.ct.us/faq/landlord.html.



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