Meeting Center & Live Stream Video

Common Council Meeting Teleconference Public Participation

Call-In Information 1 (609) 663-5783

Callers can begin to enter queue 6:45pm.

Wait to be unmuted to speak, 3:00 minute time limit.  

Meeting Teleconference Public Participation Information Organizer  Dial In Number Passcode 
City Plan  Danielle Rosado (727) 731-4167


Committee on Administration, Finance and Law  Jessica Gerratana  (609) 663-5783   

Committee on Planning, Zoning and Housing

Jessica Gerratana (609) 663-5783   
Common Council  Jessica Gerratana (609) 663-5783  
Conservation Committee  Danielle Rosado  (727) 731-4167  343000 
Consolidated Subcommittee Jessica Gerratana (609) 663-5783   
Economic Development   Danielle Rosado (727) 731-4167  343000 

Standing Bonding Subcommittee 

Jessica Gerratana (609) 663-5783   
Zoning Board of Appeals   Danielle Rosado (727) 731-4167  343000 

Zoning Subcommittee 

Jessica Gerratana (609) 663-5783   


New Britain Meeting Agenda and Minutes Archives

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