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27 West Main Street, Room 208 New Britain, CT 06051
Tel: (860) 826-3430
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The New Britain Historic Preservation Commission was formed under the City of New Britain’s Historic Preservation Ordinance, which was adopted and signed into law in September 2011. Under this ordinance, the Commission is charged with the responsibility of working to preserve and protect the historically distinctive buildings and places that make New Britain unique. These historical resources form a link to the past, provide beauty to our neighborhoods and our business areas, and serve as an important source of community pride and cultural identity.

The Historic Preservation Commission is committed to the premise that our historic and architectural preservation efforts will help to increase individual property values, improve our neighborhoods and encourage economic growth and revitalization in the City’s downtown and older business areas. In its primary preservation role, the Commission strives to become a helpful resource for historic property owners and to conduct historic reviews as a minimally intrusive part of the building permit process. The Commission is also invested in efforts to promote historic preservation, to educate and encourage participation and cooperation amongst historic property owners. By maintaining and improving your properties in accordance with the historic preservation guidelines, you are helping to make New Britain a beautiful place in which to live and do business.

 Members of the Commission:  Common Council Liaison:
 Michelle Malinowski, Chairperson  Ald. Michael Thompson
 Kenneth Adams, Vice-Chairperson  
 Neil Connors  
 John P. Eveleth, Jr.  
 Geary Overby  
 Frank Windish  

The Historic Preservation Commission meets at 6:30 pm on a monthly basis on the 3rd Monday of the month in City Hall Room 202.

*Please note that meetings are subject to change. Verify meeting dates and locations with the Town Clerk’s Office, located on the 1st floor of City Hall or call Corrine Teti at (860) 826-3339.


Informational Materials and Application:

 Documents - Get Applications / Forms
 1. New Britain's "New" Preservation Ordinance Informational Brochure
 2. Preservation Ordinance
 3. Demolition Delay Ordinance
 4. Historic Preservation Action Plan
 5. Walnut Hill District Revitalization Plan
 6. Map of All Historic Districts
 7. Map of Downtown National Register Historic District
 8. List of Currently Designated Historic Properties
 9. Application for Historic Commission Review
10. Certificate of Suitability
 11. Design Guidelines / Rehabilitation Standards for Commercial Historic Properties
 12. Historic Preservation Guidelines, "Tear Away Sheets"
        a. Entrances
        b. Paints and Stains 
        c. Siding
        d. Porches
        e. Windows
        f. Roofs
        g. Masonry

13. Historic Preservation Resources - Listings of Architectural Professionals, Qualified Contractors and Craftsman, Suppliers, Etc.

*** NOTE *** This list is provided as a courtesy and aid to property owners undertaking renovations on a historic property and is not an official endorsement or recommendation of any individual or company listed.

        a. Products and Services for Historic Home Preservation
        b. State Historic Preservation Office 
        c. CT Trust for Historic Preservation
       d. CT Trust for Historic Preservation Restoration Service Directory
       e. Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitation Historic Buildings 
 14. Photos of Historic Properties