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Welcome to the official City of New Britain website. On this site, you will find information regarding each department in our city government including contact names and phone numbers to keep you informed and connected. Please take a few minutes to browse our website to learn about everything our City has to offer. You are encouraged to contact the Mayor's office with any questions at (860)826-3303 from

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 Office of the Mayor

City to Allow One-Week Grace Period for Tax Payments. 

New Deadline will be August 8th.  Click - HERE to read more.  

The Mayor has ordered several parking spots closest to City Hall in Central Park be designated as special free-parking for those coming in to pay their taxes (20 minute maximum), between now and 8/8.


Bothered because you can't find your tax bill? 

Click - HERE to get an electronic copy now.


  Tax Online Payment Center


Keep the Cats  

The New Britain Rock Cats are a cherished part of New Britain's community and we don't want to see them leave! 

Petition The New Britain Rock Cats to Stay in New Britain!






Around New Britain with Mayor Erin Stewart - Episode 4

Mayor Erin E Stewart

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